Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors and to everyone for attending! Special thanks to all the volunteer Changesets/Commits for helping out with the experimental demo!

If you want to play around go to the demo project on GitHub. Feel free to clone, fork, submit pull requests, or let me know if you want to be added as contributor to try out anything without fear of breaking a real project.

Slides: Git for .NET Developers

Git Project Home: Info and reference materials
GitHub: Popular hosting for Git projects and nice client tools. Free public repos or private repos with paid accounts.
Visual Studio Online: Online TFS with Git as a source control option. Free accounts with unlimited private repos.

For anyone interested in using Git as local personal source control on a project using TFVC as main source control you can see the structure in this example Repo.
The changes to make are:

  1. Rename the .git folder, for example: _git
  2. Create a new text file named .git in the repo folder.
  3. In the new .git file add a line to specify the new folder name, i.e.: gitdir: _git

Now Visual Studio should ignore Git and allow you to use TFS instead but other external Git tools should work as normal in the same folder.